The Perspectives Project

The Perspectives Project is a new “Read and Respond” program through which teens read books on the Perspectives Bibliography that portray different people, cultures, and sensibilities.  The published responses give the teens writing them with an opportunity to reflect on the experiences of others through the lens of fiction, and provide their peers with insight into the books, perhaps encouraging them to read the novels as well.

Perspectives Responses:

Category: Race and Ethnicity

Category: LGBTQIA+

Category: Socio-Economic Differences

Category: Different Abilities

Category: Religion and Belief

Category: Challenging the Status Quo


Teens can earn community service credit by writing responses to the books they read in which they reflect on how the books helped them to explore, understand, and embrace different perspectives. Instructions on how to write and submit the responses are detailed in the Perspectives Bibliography.  No preregistration is required!