Teen 100-Books Challenge

Registration is Open year-round for 7th-12th Graders. To get started, click


                                  or download the Beanstack App.

  1. Log into your preexisting Beanstack account, OR sign up for an account, and select “Teen 100-Books Challenge” when prompted.

  2. After registering, come to the Library (go to the Lower Level Service Desk) to claim your Teen 100-Books Challenge Tote Bag and Free Book!

  3. Read any book you’d like – printed books, eBooks, comics, graphic novels, even audiobooks all count towards this challenge.

  4. Log your books in Beanstack.  For every 20 books you read, come to the Library to claim a prize!

  5. When you’ve read 100 books, you’ve completed the challenge.  Come to the Library to claim your certificate and personalized gift!

Teen 100-Books Challenge FAQs:

What is the Teen 100-Books Challenge, and why should I join it?

The Teen 100-Books Challenge is a reading challenge for teens, the goal of which is to read 100 books before graduating from high school.  This Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for teens to have an incentive to read consistently for pleasure.  There are a multitude of reasons reading for pleasure is beneficial for teens (and all people), but a few highlights include:

  • Building strong concentration, vocabulary, and writing skills
  • Improving emotional health and well-being
  • Increasing empathy and knowledge of the world
  • Providing a source of entertainment and boredom busting
  • Reducing stress and aiding in healthy sleep cycles

How old do I have to be to join the Teen 100-Books Challenge?

The Teen 100-Books Challenge accepts participants based on their grade, not age.  The Challenge is for anyone entering grades 7-12; so long as you will be in Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 in September of 2023, you are welcome to join the Challenge!  Teenagers who have graduated 12th grade do not qualify to join the Teen 100-Books Challenge, as it is for junior high and high school students, but are welcome to register for any Adult programs offered through the library!

What can I read for the Teen 100-Books Challenge?

Read any book you want – paper books, eBooks, comics, graphic novels, even audiobooks count!  If you’d like suggestions of some titles, check out the book recommendations on Beanstack, the booklists on the Emma Clark Teen Page, or ask the librarians at the library for some help.

I’m already partially through my Middle School/High School years.  Can I log books I read since I entered 7th grade?

Your Teen 100-Books Challenge begins the day you sign up.  All books for this Challenge must be read after registration.  However, you can read any book you like, so if you’re looking for some quick reads to catch up, check out our “Quick Reads, 275 Pages or Less” booklist linked HERE

I’m participating in the Summer Reading Challenge and/or Winter Reading Challenge.  Can I log the books I read for both Challenges?

Yes!  If you are participating in any other Reading Challenges through the Library, you can “double-log” your books, and earn credit for them in both challenges.

What kind of prizes will I earn?

There will be a variety of prizes available for pickup at the Library.  Prizes for 20, 40, 60, and 80 books read will be items of your choice from a collection of candies, trinkets, and books.  The Grand Prize for reading 100 books will be a certificate and personalized gift.

How do I collect my prizes?

To claim your prizes, come to the Lower Level Service Desk at the Library.  Ask for a staff member of the Teen Services Department, and then give that staff member your name.  They will check your reading log online, and award you the corresponding prize.

I finished the 100-Book Challenge!  Can I do it again, starting from the beginning?

If you want to challenge yourself to read 200 (or 300, or 400, or 1,000!) books by graduation, absolutely, you can participate again!  Please reach out to Teen Services Department Head Librarian Emily Ostrander for details on how to register again. Emily@emmaclark.org

What are these “Badges” I’m earning when I log books?

Badges are colorful, virtual stickers you earn for reaching reading milestones. They are a fun way to keep track of all your hard work.

What’s an “Activity” in Beanstack, and why would I log it?

An “Activity” is anything you do related to the Challenge.  Logged activities do not earn any prizes, but can be looked back on, like an activity log or journal of sorts.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Teen Services Department Head Librarian Emily Ostrander at emily@emmaclark.org