Library Teen Volunteering

For those in Grades 7 – 12, we have many Library Teen Volunteer Opportunities where you can earn Community Service Credit while assisting the Library.  These opportunities take place year round!

Below you will find the Library Teen Volunteer forms.  These online applications show your interest in volunteering at the Library for various opportunities such as maintaining our Little Free Library, helping with Children’s programs, assisting Librarians at Library Events, etc.

There are 3 Forms:

1) Library Teen Volunteering in the Community (a.k.a. offsite library projects): Click Here to Apply

2) Library Teen Volunteering in the Library: Click Here to Apply

3) Parent/Guardian Permission Form: Click Here to Complete

These applications are ongoing and year-round. You only need to fill them out once, and you’re good to go for as long as you’d like to volunteer with us!

Important note: These forms are not for community service classes that you register for individually. By filling out these forms, teens will be on a list of volunteers and contacted to assist with events and programs as needed.  To register individually for community service classes, check out our program calendar here: Teen Programs