Winter Reading Challenge

Welcome to the 2023 Teen Winter Reading Challenge!

This Challenge is designed for Teens in grades 7-12!

Registration opens January 23rd, and is ongoing until March 12th.

To get started, click      or download the Beanstack App!

NOTE:  If you already have an Individual Account with Beanstack from last year (your own account, not your family’s Kids Reading Challenge account), all you need to do is log into your individual account and update your info to register!  If you were in the Kids Summer or Winter Reading Challenges last year, you must create a new, individual account (separate from your family’s account) to participate in the Teen Winter Reading Challenge.

  1. Fill in the required information, and select “Teen Winter Reading Challenge 2023” when prompted.

  2. Once registered, you can pick up a registration prize at the Adult Reference Desk – a plantable reading-tracker bookmark! Plantable bookmarks are biodegradable and contain wildflower seeds!

  3. Log each book in Beanstack, and write a quick “30-Character or More Review” of what you’ve read.

  4. For each book review, you will be automatically entered into a raffle for 2 tickets to The Rinx Ice Skating in Hauppauge and Port Jefferson! The more you review, the better your chances!

  5. At the end of the Winter Reading Challenge, we will contact the raffle winners! (after March 12)

  6.  After the Winter Reading Challenge is over, teens who read and reviewed one book or more are welcome to attend the Winter Reading Wrap-Up on Saturday March 18th from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., where they can hang out with other readers, share their favorite books, eat tasty snacks AND decorate a terracotta pot to plant their bookmark in!

Registration Prize: A Plantable, Reading-Tracker Bookmark of Your Choice!

What are Plantable Reading-Tracker Bookmarks?
Plantable reading-tracker bookmarks are made of seed paper, a biodegradable, plantable, ecofriendly and zero waste product. The paper is made from post-consumer and post-industrial paper collected from schools and offices, and embedded with high-quality wildflower seeds, which are tested for purity to meet the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) standard as well as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. 70% of the seeds are US native species and all of them are good for our bees!

Raffle Prize: 2 Tickets to The Rinx Ice Skating in Hauppauge and Port Jefferson

May be an image of text that says 'RINX THL'

(Photo Credit: The Rinx)

The more book reviews you submit, the better your chances of winning!

Winter Reading Challenge FAQs:

What can I read for the Teen Winter Reading Challenge?
Read any book you want – paper books, eBooks, even audiobooks count! If you’d like suggestions, check out the book recommendations in Beanstack, the Booklists on the Emma Clark Teen Page or email your Teen Services Librarian, Emily Ostrander, at
How do I collect my plantable reading-tracker bookmark?
Registered readers can come to the Adult Reference Desk any time the Library is open to collect their plantable reading-tracker bookmark. Simply approach the desk and tell the librarian that you are here to pick up a Winter Reading Bookmark. They will check your name off the list of readers, and let you choose a bookmark! There are many designs, pick your favorite! Limit of 1 bookmark per reader.
How do I earn Raffle Tickets?
It’s simple. All you need to do is write a very brief review of the book you’ve read and enter it into Beanstack. Enter the books you’ve read one at a time into the reading log, and click “yes” when
prompted to write a review. Reviews must be at least 30 characters long (which is really only a few words) to earn a raffle ticket. Completed reviews instantly earn raffle tickets which are automatically entered into the raffle for 2 tickets to The Rinx Ice Skating in Hauppauge and Port Jefferson. All raffles are drawn at the end of the challenge. Tickets are accepted up until 11:59pm March 12, 2023. Raffle winners will be alerted the week of March 13, 2023.
What’s an “Activity” in Beanstack, and why would I log it?
An activity is anything you do this winter. Logged activities do not earn more raffle tickets, but can be looked back on, just like a digital journal!
What are these “Badges” I’m earning when I write reviews?
Badges are just colorful, virtual stickers you earn for every review you write, in addition to raffle tickets. They are a fun way to keep track of all your hard work!
I read and reviewed at least one book and want to attend the Winter Reading Wrap- Up. How do I register to attend?
If you have read and reviewed at least one book this winter, you are automatically registered for the Winter Reading Wrap-Up on Sat., Mar. 18 (3:00-4:00 p.m.). You will be contacted closer to the time of the program to confirm that you are attending. I can’t make the Winter Reading Wrap-Up; can I still have a terracotta pot to decorate? Yes! If you cannot make the Winter Reading Wrap Up, but still want to decorate a terracotta pot to plant your bookmark in, please let Emily Ostrander know and she will put a kit aside for you. All terracotta pot decorating kits must be picked up by April 1.

We would like to thank The Rinx for their donation for our Winter Reading raffle prizes.

Emma Clark employees, trustees, and members of their household are not eligible to enter raffles.