FAQs for Community Service Credit Hours

Are there any opportunities to earn community service credit available through The Library?

Yes!  There are tons of opportunities to earn community service credit hours available through The Library, both in-person, and remotely!  Check them all out here: https://teen.emmaclark.org/communityservice/

Do the opportunities you are offering “count” for my organization?

The Teen Librarian, Emily Ostrander, tries her best to provide a variety of programming that will appeal to teens, and fill needs in our community.  However, it is up to you to make sure that the activities you participate in through The Library will be accepted by your organization.  Always double check with your chair/leader if you are not sure if an activity will count.

After I participate in a community service program, how do I get documentation of my community service credit hours?

After you participate in a program, you should expect an email from Emily containing your certificate of community service credit.  This certificate proves you earned your hour(s) of credit through The Library.  Please keep track of this certificate as you will need it later if you want to request any other types of documentation.

How quickly will I get credit documentation for my community service activity?

That depends on the type of program you participated in, but typically Emily will email you your community service credit certificate within 3 business days.

Can I get handwritten signatures on my organization’s log for community service programs I participated in at The Library?

Yes!  To get signatures, you just need to bring in your log, and the corresponding community service credit certificates (printed or as images on your phone) issued by Emily when you completed the programs.  You can ask for signatures at the Adult Reference Desk.  First ask for Emily Ostrander; it is preferred that Emily sign off on all the logs.  However, if Emily is not there, you can request signatures from the librarian at the desk.  The librarians must see your certificates before signing your log.  If you would like to make sure Emily is available to sign, it is recommended that you contact Emily via email at Emily@emmaclark.org at least a week in advance of when you would like to get your documentation signed.

How do I request a letter detailing my community service activities and hours for my organization/award?

To request a letter for your organization/award, you must submit a request by email to Emily at Emily@emmaclark.org.  The email should include your full name, grade, and which organization you need a letter for (and whomever the letter should be addressed to, if anyone), as well as a list of each program you participated in (name of program and date), and how many hours you earned participating in it.  The preferred format is as follows:

Name, Grade, Organization

Date:       Name of Program                 Hours

1/1/22     Take & Make Something    2 hours

2/1/22     Book Review of XYZ           3 hours

3/1/22     In-Person Program ABC    1 hour

If there are any discrepancies between Emily’s records and your list, she will request you send her a picture of the certificate you were given after you participated in the community service program(s) in question.

Important Note: Three Village School District email accounts do not allow you to send emails to 3rd parties; therefore we are not able to receive any emails from school email accounts.  Please send your email from a non-school account.  Thank you!

How close to the deadline for community service credit for my organization can I ask the Teen Librarian for my documentation?

That depends on what kind of documentation you need:

  • If you need certificates, generally, as close as 5 days before the deadline would be safe.
  • If you need signatures, providing you have an appointment, Emily can sign right up to the day before the signatures are due. It is recommended that you contact Emily to make an appointment at least a week in advance of the deadline, even if you intend to come in the day before, just to ensure Emily has availability to sign your documentation on that day.
  • If you need a letter, all letters must be requested no less than 10 days before the deadline for the submission. For example, if the letter is due by March 31st, you must ask Emily for it no later than the 22nd of March.  Emily needs time to write the letters, and cannot guarantee any letters requested less than 10 days in advance will be completed by the deadline.


What happens if the library is temporarily closed due to a storm, virus outbreak, or other emergency when I need documentation?

In the event of an emergency closure of the library building, Emily will be working her shifts from home.  Email her at emily@emmaclark.org and you can work out a way to still get your documentation virtually.